Friday, 21 November 2008

Old Lady CC

I'm sorry all....I can't do it, I can't go out tonight, I feel like I'm dying and my eyes are slits. I'm getting too old! Had too many drinks at an art opening last night and have felt like ass all day. I just wanna be a boring old bitch and snuggle in front of the tv while I watch my newly acquired I Love New York dvds (New York as in the girl off Flavor of Love, she got her own show). Plus I spent sooo much cash last weekend, I wanna actually save some money and buy some new shoes tomorrow. If I get enough work done I may hit up this Schwipe party tmw, I'll post the invite, could be some fun but at the moment I need to die.
HAVE FUN! and blow mark ronson sophie if you see him (or if he can get it up as Jessie would suggest may be a prob).

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