Monday, 10 November 2008

boob envy

I hate my boobs. Well no, to say I HATE my boobs, it would mean they would have to actually exist. I'm so over not having tits, I'm twenty fucking four. My sister and cousins have boobs, big ones no less and then there was me.
I want boobs like the highschool musical girl. Small but awesome. High. High boobs are good, high and pert. Do you reckon those Thai boob jobs are that dodgy? The lady boys look pretty good. Can we have a fundraiser night to get me some boobs. Maybe I can make a scratchie tree, remember those and we can raffle it. How pretty is that highschool musical girl, i had no idea.


I Miss Cigarettes... said...

i never had pert tits... i blame my mum for never gettin me a proper bra and then i blame myself for not giving a fuck until i was 15... lol i was wearing trainers for howww long... i was abit of a ruff n rugged bitch tho in year 8 i was beating up boys, smoking cones, and listening to wu... but i feel ya girl..

i got tits and theyre fucken saggy
and im 24 not 45 lol my lil sis shes 15 and would give me shit im like bitch u wait... ahaha ur shit will grown and DROP

i used to be all shy bout my tits act till i realised boys dont really give a fuck so why shud i... YEAH BIG FUCKEN SAGGY KNOCKERS HERE.. READY TO SLAP SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!! lol

aww youll be right cc... your CUTE thats better then having pert tits.. imagine having pert tits and looking FUGGLY?!?! ugggggggh!! lol!

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

p.s take back the BIG part... theyre C-CUPS but they so dont match my waistline... i wish theyre were D+! They would even me out more!! but then again, it shud be motivation to go do some exercise after my chinese haha

lol @ my ghetto typos.. xox

Hayley said...

I'll take Soph D's boobs.