Sunday, 2 November 2008


I must have missed the memo about Halloween, the one about how we're all meant to dress up and have a really fun night. I'll take note for next year though, but it's good to see that it's a bit more accepted here in Aus. I'm always up for more fun.

The day started out with some new NBFG in the mail - The best tshirt ever

Starting out at Heist for the Acclaim x Estevan Oriol Launch (in said tee and fantastic Puma's)

CC - uber cuteness

Then off to Per Square Metre for the Peak Street 'Sleep is the Cousin of Death' Exhibition


Finishing up at Section 8

A bit of a bummer that I had to behave and have an early night (can't wait to get over this sickness - booo!) Many thanks to Joelle for fantastic mocktails.

Apologies to everyone else I tried to see on the weekend...Doc's orders but will catch you soon!

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pj said...

The Peak Street night looks like it was a success (minus the shoe stealing) have to make sure I get out there to see it. It it running till next weekend?