Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Global Gathering

So I woke up on Saturday to the sound of Hail, in the middle of November, and realised that I had paid $100 to see Mark Ronson at an outdoor Music Festival that was now going to resemble Glastonbury. I instantly regretted not finding Gucci Rainboots all those months ago.

To cheer me up Tobey took me to his favourite Breakfast haunt, which will remain nameless to protect the innocent, but it was damn good (Shit Bloody Mary though!). Pesto, Boconcini, Chorizo and Roast Pepper Scrambled Eggs.

From there I met up with Jamie who was to be my partner in crime for the day. We could barely move at the Music Bowl, people everywhere.

The one highlight of festivals in Melbourne is the 'fashions', I use the term very loosely as whilst I am a big believer in Fashion knows no Pain there are some things you just don't wear to a Festival, particularly when its raining like:

Skirts on Boys

Men in Sailors Outfits

Mini Skirts and Gumboots

Singlets and Boardies. Come on it was fucking NINE Degrees.

White High Heel Boots

Too Many Pills

Too Much Hair Dye

And Pokemon Mullets

All that said Jamie and I made the most of a terrible day and actually managed to have some serious fun.

Strorbz and Trent managed to jump the fence undetected so they partied for a little bit too. In the rain. Drinking $11 Smirnoffs.

Then we bounced to Favela, where I am quite happy to say I have no photos of and do not wish to ever see any photos of that Favela. Drinking all day and night isn't the most attractive viewing ever.

Sunday morning only Death Benedict and Bloody Mary's at Yellow Bird could save me.

This little Birdy went flying by.

Which of course attracted other little birds

Which because they are the birds that they are turned into this

My two Bloody Mary's saw the death of me and I flew home.
Monday was D-Day which we already covered.

Yesterday was Spooney's 30th, what better a place to run into him on a seriously beautiful Melbourne Day than Section 8.

And try to eradicate the effects of Monday by jumping back on the bus, Garnish competition, winner still undecided.

Sitting lounging in the Sun on the Astroturf and who should walk in?


Who decided I was actually a Mo Sister

And managed to Relocate Jessie's amazing Stickers.

All in all not a bad few days, seen lots of Friends, free from a job I didn't really like, Sun is starting to shine that little bit warmer and life ain't all that bad.

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