Sunday, 30 November 2008

Xmas is comingggg....

I thought I wasn't gonna be into xmas this year coz the 'man' is trying to bum us all out with his talk of recession and bullshit but fuck it, bring it on! I can't wait!!! Gettin my ass back to Queensland, seeing the fam and eating my weight and then some in cold cuts while I drink copious amounts of alcohol with my similarly alcohol dependant family in the humid summer Brisbane air and partying with my friends I haven't seen in a year. I can't wait! I've never gone "home" for the holidays before coz i've always been there, so this will be cool.
I wanna have a mayoress xmas party, if they had Hooters here in Australia we should totally would totally have it there. I was looking up xmas vids and found this one of these girls from hooters doing (or in the blondes case, trying to do) the mean girls jingle bell rock dance. Hahaha so good. I love the voice of the girl filming, clearly another Hooters girl. Hahah she sounds EXACTLY how I imagined a hooters girl would sound like. God love em! I reckon those orange shorts with the hooters top uniforms are hella hot though. haha.


miss c said...

They do have Hooters here now! Two in Sydney and one in the Gold Coast.
My friend who went there was a little disappointed though. Both with food and boobs.

Community College said...

ooh i might check out the gold coast one! ofcourse the gold coast has one what was i thinkin! i wanna buy a shirt though it would only draw attention to the fact i have no hooters.