Monday, 17 November 2008

This is what the Spanish Fest was missin, aight!

NO MERCY!!! Does anyone remember this shit???!!! Hahaha soooo good! I always thought they were from Europe but according to Wiki: No Mercy is a pop and dance music group formed by Frank Farian in Florida in 1995, consisting of twin brothers Ariel and Gabriel Hernández,[1] from Miami, FL and Marty Cintron III from New York City.

Well how bout that. I actually think the lead singer is kinda hot and he would give my the beautiful latino babies I so crave and an awesome last name. HERNANDEZ! Alexandra Hernandez. I would probably change my first name to Alejandra for full effect. It would be the best, after I track Scott Wolf down and rape him, I'm gonna go find this dude and marry him and if he doesn't want me, hello! I'll just track down his twin brother. Perfect backup!

They also had that hit "I wanna kiss you all over, and over again, til the night closes in, TIL THE NIGHT CLOSES INNNNN!" What Adam Sandler movie is it that we sings that into the intercom???

They apparently play this song in a Night at the Roxbury too, I love that movie. I only saw it once when I was stoned but it was fuckin hilarious. That's what I said about Bad Boys 2 after I watched it too and there's only like 2 funny parts in it. I swear it was THE funniest movie I had ever seen when I watched it by myself after a smoke. I also saw Jurassic Park alone after a smoke and I still maintain that it's the best movie ever. My flatmate came home after I saw it from a work meeting and apparently I wouldn't stop talking to her about how good it was for like 40 minutes, hahaha.

Anyone wanna go see the Wackness with me??? It's out at the movies now and looks pretty awesome. I'll post a trailer after this.
where do you goooo, my lovelllyyyy?


I Miss Cigarettes... said...

ohshit man.. sorry i cant stop
year 7 memories hard ahha...

Hayley said...

Yes please. A Tuesday or somewhere cheap as f.