Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Billy the Kid

Lately I've been watching alot of DVDs. Mostly because free-to-air is utter shit, i like to procrastinate and my bf likes to ignore me most of our waking hours as he plays his PSP. I get heaps sent to me through work but not many ever make it to the review page coz of timing etc and i feel bad coz they send them, so I am going to pimp the good ones here. Tonight I watched Billy the Kid.

Basically it's a doco about this 15 year old boy called Billy who lives in this small town in Maine. He's socially retarded but really nice just really OTT and finds it really hard dealing with the world. It sounds not that great but it's awesome and you should all go out and rent it or borrow it off me. In a time where I think most teenagers are utter cunts this film shows a dude that's so alienated from all his peers and stuff and just really real and way to honest and in a weird way, wise beyond his years. It's really hard to watch coz he's so awkward but it's all really touching and his mum is totally nice so I'm not totally devo after watching it. Him crushing on the girl at the diner is so cute. I can't really explain the movie without it sounding hella boring so just go out and rent it. I give it 4 stars.

I also watched 2001: Space Odyssey recently. Never seen it before. That shit fucked me up man! I found it fuckin terrifying. What the fuck is that black brick thing. I'm paranoid I'm gonna wake up in the middle of the night and go get a drink in the bathroom and that black thing is in there. I didn't like it man, freaky shit. That computer was scary too. The whole thing was weird and eery. It reminded me of Read All About It. Hahah. Remember that kids show on ABC? That freaked the shit outta me too. Probably this is the first time anyone has likened it to something of Kubriks, but hey man I'm just calling it as I see it.


Hayley said...

Get the fuck out!!!

READ ALL ABOUT IT! No one knows what I'm talking about when I say, "Heyyy remember Read All About It?" and they go, "What? No." And I go, "Yeah! Remember Duneedin the baddy and that fucked up typewriter with the big eyes? Otto? It was scary! Don't you remember the song? Reeeead alll about iiiiiiit"

Thank you CC.

When is the Shining on? That's an amazing one.

Community College said...

Yeah man, it was fuckin hell scary! the typewriter TYPED BY ITSELF! arrghghghgh. This will test you though, did you ever see "Zardip's Search for Healthy Wellness?" another ABC favourite. I had a crush on Zardip, he was an alien in a cute blond boys body trying to find out how to have good hygiene and shit. I think it was Canadian. Anyone watch Ready or Not either??? I think i've already posted about that but that show was dope too. And had the best theme song.