Friday, 7 November 2008

I want all dis shit!

When looking for info on the exhibition below I happened upon this site/shop called Via Alley. I'm not sure if this is old news or what, but fuck they have so much awesome ( and useless) shit!!!
It's like a mini Colette right here in Australia. Everything is ludicrously expensive but such is the way of objects de design. It's an actual store in Sydney but an online store also. Here is my pic of shit I want. I can't afford any but I'm serrrriously considering that Hello Kitty Bearbrick, it's an investment right???

Isn't she AMAZINNNG! Argghh. I'm gonna find out how big she is and then maybe buy her because fuck it, I love her. Plus paul with approve on it being on display, unlike all my other toys and HK related objects de trash.

Um hello, it's a GOLD HAMBURGER RING!!! A burger whore like myself needs this, but it's 300 bucks. :(

And um, is this a STRAWBERRY MACAROON AND DIAMANTE gold necklace!!! Waahhhh I want this too.

Fuck off! I could rock this better than Pharell

And lastly this cute Princess Tina tshirt dress, at $120, I could probably afford this one. I think she's stocked at Someday though so I might suss that out first.

But yeah seriously, why can't I be rich???? Rich people seem to just buy ugly gay shit like Ed Hardy when if I had money I'd actually be a patron of art and design and buy all this cool shit. Maybe I should join lotto. In the mean time I'm gonna see if my credit card can handle the ol kitty kat!


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