Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Infinite Weekends

So as you may already have deducted I was 'let go' in a very clinical and boring fashion at 10am Monday morning, leaving the day open for Inflatable Unemployment Kangaroo's, an insane Bar Tab at Caboose and despite being in bed by 11pm, a hangover that could kill a small child yesterday. I was lucky enough to have Sanch and Lace on hand for the bulk of it, who I would like to Thank (along with the staff at Caboose) for making the day I got fired incredibly fun and memorable.

Getting a Cab home with an Inflated Boxing Kangaroo with Champagne & Centrelink written on it was an experience I won't soon forget.

1 comment:

Josephine said...

why did you get fired?

obviously you don't have to answer that, just thought i'd throw the question out there.