Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Behind da scenes...

Okay looks like the computer can handle more pics so I'm gonna start puttin up my last two weeks in pics. I'll probably cover some shit that's already been talked bout but whateves! Everyone like pictures right! Buckle up coz hereeee we goooooo.........woooo *roller-coaster sound effects*

I will start first with the weekend of Hayley's shoot for Hayley Mei.

Chupa chup 50th anniversary was bout a week and a half ago. I drank lots of beers and ate way too many lollipops and ah, that's bout it. Oh wait me and paul got photographed by Beat at it, such a bad pic. I've been out of the office lately and I'm told by Callum our toys editor that he was bored and made an "andy warhol inspired collage" of it on my pin board, hmmmm I'll have to suss it out tmw, haha.

Then i headed to hayleys shoot and saw this hot lesbian across the road. I like her steez, faster pussycat, kill kill!

Awww Hayley on the job, she so cute!

Sneak peek at the shoot! Maybe i'm not allowed to put this up yet but no doubt hayles will censor the arse outta this post if it's sposed to be secret squirrel, haha. China!

the monkey mask was the best

I <3 Beers

Me and Soph. Where is that girl! I expect windcatchers and bad shell earrings as presents when she gets back from the beach!

moi n haylesss, when can you drink again???

Big City Nighttsss

We then walked for a bit

Then after food and booze and kazoo band practice it was off to favvvvvvvv

LADEEZ WHERE U AT, CMON! (whats that from???)

white jeans, i know but it's almost summer!

And yeah was gonna try and put even more up by computer slash blogger are fucking out and talledega nights is starting and i've spent way too long on this shit anyway. Too tired to attempt more pics tonite, perhaps tmw, i have far more tales to tell.



Hayley said...

Hahahaha China deleted one photo, we're gonna re-work some of the shoot a bit later. One good thing to come from limited time... more shoots later. Woo!

Hayley said...

Who knows when I can drink again. Finished anti-biotics last night but still feel like shit. Boo!

Community College said...

ooh you may want me to delete some from facefuck too coz i got a bunch there. feel free to tell me to delete whatever!!!
sux you still feel shit, maybe you need to try eastern healing or something... said...

Haha... The hot lesbian is a friend of mine. She's a SUPER hot lesbian.