Sunday, 16 November 2008

Holaaa! Spanish Fest

Because getting drunk off my tits on Friday night just wasn't enough, I made it out on Saturday on what was a suprisingly sunny day to the Spanish Fest on Johnstone St. Upon arrival I realised there was very little to do there other than eat (awesome) food but I wasn't hungry at this stage and sangria beckoned...and then everything started getting more and more fun with each glass and food was kinda forgotten.

Yummmmm, Spanish Club put it on with sangria and a big ol' hall full of loose dickheads like us and angry, angry old spanish people that despised our prescence haha.

It was all about ruffles. My sis, me and my boys sis, ruffling out. Guess which ones my sis haha. It's a toughie.

I had a weird small world moment, when one of noodles mates (noodle is pauls, sister's boyfriend ya follow?) knew about my new tatt and knew what it said. He's a mayoress fan! The CC phenomena lives on! I hate to say it but I have forgotten this dear man's name but he know's you soph. They were lovin the Jennifer Lopez song on repeat in this pic. haha.

my mate alisha and me "being spanish" righhht...

These are some of the old assholes who hated us. Told us to sit down every second and generally gave us the evils all arvo haha. We probably were annoying but no more than any other young person there.

Bumped into an old friend Emaya, and then got so drunk I lost her, sorrrrry hon!!! And yes my hand is on her head in this pic...

Tango tango taco taco!!

Bumped into another friend gwen. I think I made a huge drunken fool of myself in front of all these girls, so myy apologiessss.

And then finally i made it to Southpaw to see hayles and the crew and also meet up with my new Sydney girl crew. I went from knowing pretty much noone in Sydney to heaps of chicks in the space of about 2 weeks. It's rad coz now I totally have an excuse to get up there as I have a real secret appreciation for that place man haha. I was seriously thinking about moving there recently (melbourne your weather can go suck a dick) but the old man wants to stay. boooo. But least I know all these bitches now! Love yas! We look like we're in Degrassi Jnr High in this pic. love it!

And thats bout all, Monday tmw, what a piece of shit. when is xmas? When is this issue over? When can I retire?


Hayley said...

Moving to Sydney is banned.

Anonymous said...

"show me your dance moves!!!"
gaahaah- loves you CC!

-love jessleshmessly x x x