Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Women who motivate us to get anno and better ourselves

So, I tried to sign up for that pie and the site wouldn;t open. Sign from god much? And my work email is fucking up so it's post time. I pay props to Soph's gwen stefani motivational picture and now I shall post my own. Jessica Alba. I actually think she's a terrible actress and hella boring celebrity (get a dui and a coke habit already!) but good lord she is attractive in this GQ shoot. I actually have this issue at home just for this shoot. She looks SO good. Needless to say the interview is boring as batjizz as so is she but damn girl. I wanna look like THAT!

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I Miss Cigarettes... said...


but dayum, look at her with that sexy brunette hair and close to none makeup... she looks hot as fuck there!

i hate her with blonde shit in her hair.. brunette she looks younger and fresher! hot hot