Thursday, 7 August 2008

WARNING: Girl Overload: Movie Moments

Okay so I'm currently at home procrastinating my ASS off about finishing articles for the mag, but decided to transcribe the George A Romero interview I had with Mexi a few weeks ago to get started and I was touched by something he said:

"Very often it’s just moments, a moment that moves you and make you cry. That to me is amazing. Very rarely do you come away feeling an entire film. You might come away with what it’s about, but it’s moments. That’s what sticks with you."

I thought this was a really nice quote and it got me thinking about my own movie moments that I love. I reckon the moments you pick will probably also tell alot about what kind of person you are too. So let's find out who i am by a few of my fav movie moments. And warning, this could get uber girly.


Okay so I couldn't find pics of exact moments (i'm not procrastinating THAT much) but i went with screen shots rather than posters or vid covers coz that is boring. To anyone who hasn't seen this film, go see it now, it's fuckin awesome. I LOVE war movies and this one is pretty amazing. And that little dude up there is a baby Christian Bale (i love that dude, mother/sister beater and all). He basically gets separated from his parents (like every fuckin Spielburg movie) in the war in China and lives on this camp and shit...okay the details are shaky and i'm gonna ruin for you any way because me fav part is at the end. Earlier in the film he starts crying and says how he can't remember what his parents look like coz it's been so long, anyway at the end they come to pick him up from the camp and he doesn't recognise them but they recognise him and the sad as shit choir song from when he was at private school starts playing and he justs starts touching his mums face to try and recognise it some how and theyre all crying and it's fucking hardcore. I'm like seriously tearing up now. Seriously it annihilates me every time that part.

If you're female and don't like Anne of Green Gables, you're not a true girl. This movie is SO dope. I loved it so much as a kid. I wanted to live in those times and shit, it's so beautiful where she lives and the thing she has with that dude is really sweet and charming. Anyway the bit that fucks me up is once again the end (sorry guys) when the super cute and nice old man that was sort of her adopted dad or whatever has a heart attack when theyre out in that field and his last words were all like "You were supposed to be a boy (the bitch adoptive mum wanted a orphan boy to help on the farm) but as soon as I saw you i knew you were the right one, I would have never swapped you for a boy. I'm so proud of the young lady you've become" and it's SOOOOOO cute and SOOOOO sad. I'm seriously bawling right now, fuck PMS!
Okay so so far i think we have established i have issues with my parents or something which is weird coz my parents are uber nice and great....

Another ye olde one to pull at the heart strings. christian bale points too. This movie is hella cheezy but I love it. Bit that makes me cry is when Beth dies but before that (and after they move the piano out for her to play which is really cute) on her death bed she talks to Jo about how she never really wanted too much in life she was always happy at home with everyone unlike Jo who wanted to see the world but isn't it funny how she will be leaving first and seeing more now (coz she's dying and going to heaven pressumably) It's really cute and sad.
Another recurring theme....dying and death beds

Girl Fight is a rad movie, i've only seen it once though and I can't actually remember this moment that well at all or anything that happend in it but I remember when her and this dude do it for the first time it's really cute and real and touching. This movie had a cool realistic vibe sorta like "Raising Victor Vargas" that is also fuckin rad as.

Fuck man the 90s were awesome, fuck kids these days. It's cliche i know but this movie is the business. If you don't like it youre a souless fuckhead. I always loved it coz i kinda see myself as a bit you know ahem, like winonas character. Finished uni (wasn't valedictorian but whatevs) couldn't get a job, smoked weed with my friends alot, my dad gave me his old 20 year old BMW that was shit and broken, classicly beautiful, haha. I know lame especially since most ppl always liken me to fuckin Jeneane Garofarlow (i don't really look like her do it????). BUT the cute part is when shes on that date with ben stiller and he's trying so hard to impress her and theyre sitting in his car drinking those drinks and talking bout how they both like astronomy and shit and it's just really cute how happy they are (even tho it falls to shit) but it just seems like one of those perfect moments probably every girl has had with a dude where everythings all perfect and cute for a split second and that peter frampton song comes on and i love that song. Ahhhhh.

Okay so a) We have found I have parent/dying/need for sentimental shit issues, b) sorry to put everyone through my hormone induced EPIC POSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTT c) I could of written bout 4 fuckin articles in this time, stupid bitch i am.

Aight good nite ,i'll work tomorrow on them, hope you enjoyed my classic move moments, i need to sleep and be woken up and molested by my drunk stoned boyfriend in a couple hours when he gets home from jlive. Waaaaaaaaah where's my cute movie moment damnit!
p.s hot chick movie moments to come next!


Hayley said...

Have you seen Dancer in the Dark? Oh man, that movie will make you a wreck for like 3 days.

Astro Boy made me cry when I was a kid. 3 episodes. When violet the alien thing turned into this gross slimy thing and grew into a flower. When Astro defeated Atlas and when AB helped this little baby elephant (not Dr Elephant!) find his family....he put is little trunk up in the air at the end and flashed a little smile. Awww!

Ha ha ha ha x

Community College said...

Yeah I've heard dancer in the dark will fuck you up, but someone also told me that about the notebook haha! and that movie wasn't that brutal.
Hey i think i totally remember that astro boy ep where the chick turns into that flower in the snow and I cried as well man! that was REALLY sad. I also watched david the gnome and the last ep the gnomes die and become trees. i cried in that too. Land before time was also hella sad. And an American Tale haha.

Hayley said...

2 words: Watership Down.