Monday, 4 August 2008

Pinku Eiga

Don't Come gallery has an exhibition on at the moment called Pinku Eiga, which is basically posters for Japanese softcore porn from the 60's-80's. Well the term Pinku Eiga refers to like softcore in general there but the exhibition has posters from the 60s-90s' or 80's or something. Anyway...I haven't been yet coz I work but if you can get to the gallery before Friday I'd reccommend it coz it looks dope. Japanese graphic design is off the charts man, you wouldn't see shit for our porn looking this rad. That said there is a heap of rapey themes there that irk me heaps, but thats the japanese for you, they love their rape porn. I mean dudes here probably do too i can imagine but it's not like taboo there apparently.
Anyhoo on that uplifiting note I'll go....but yeah the posters look cool.

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