Thursday, 7 August 2008

Um What?

Am I the only person who thinks Jennifer Hawkins is completely boring? I can now add not super intelligent to her list of accolades after this comment about wearing Bikini's in Summer;

Just make sure you've got a tan and feel confident in it.

Really great advice for all the 14 year olds using Solariums out there. And after last nights efforts on Make me a Supermodel I am pretty convinced she is the most Bland personality around.

Team Megan for me.


Community College said...

haha. Fuck i watched that show tonite SO FUCKIN LOW BUDGET!!! haha it's hilarious how shit it is. She is pretty though you cannot deny, plus it's not megan anymore it's evil evil miranda kerr. Now there's a bitch that needs a disfiguring car accident. Could she be a little bit more self confident at all? Like ok your a model, we get it, you must adore yourself but at least pretend to hide it like christy turlington did back in the dimples suck on anyone over 8 who isn't bailey off party of five.

chirryl said...

Jen Hawkins = EPIC FAIL