Saturday, 2 August 2008

Charlie Brooker

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Mr Bananas said...

Thats fucking hilarious!

I've had the misfortune to catch a couple of those shows before and by the end of it just want to find the party girl and hang her with a noose made from a guitar string...they should have been put down at birth and the parents should be pushed under a bus.

Hayley said...

Now that would make a good show!

Community College said...

bitch needs decapitation. oh my god die. sorry but i'm sort of obsessed with decapitation at the moment.

I Miss Cigarettes... said...


Charlie is the man...:D
I have watched quite a few of those sweet 16s shows for the same reasons, i just love to hate on that pathetic bullshit, and it makes me feel good about myself too... even without all that money to piss down the toilet, id much rather be the broke asses we were when young... broke as in workingclass ha!

There was 2 decent bday bashes where 2friends had a joint bday and all the money raised went toward charity and they had minus brat attitude so that was cool..Oh and this young girl damn forget her name...she was a artist/skateboarder signed to pharrells label... her 16th was tasteful atleast.. wordup