Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Kiss My Airs

First there was Nike ID, hours of fun to be had procrastinating at work and making up ridiculous Colour Combos that would never hit your feet. A great time ticker and marketing idea from the Nike Gods.

Now there is Nike Dunk, where you design your own Dunk and it battles against colourways from all over the world. People vote their favourite designs and the Top 5 are displayed daily on the front page. The actuall Design Tool is off its head. You can choose your own Leather Textures, Colours, Stictching, Patterns, Laces, the whole deal. It's completely mind blowing and its in 3D, you can even free rotate the shoe 360 Degress so you can see it from every angle. Even checking out the Sole. Above is my first creation that I just sent into Battle against the rest of the world.

I'm pretty sure there will be some more here and there so keep your eyes peeled. I wish someone could do me a custom Blazer!