Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Behold Erkel

I would love to Design Dunks all day. I like that I can. Check out Erkel the Purple.


I Miss Cigarettes... said...

hey good lookin out!!!
i just went on there to have a crack myself
i made the most ferral dunks ever
kind of like someone throwing up starbursts everywhere hahaha
i dont know im in that mood!!!
but this is so much fun


Soph said...

It's amazing hey!
Such a good website.
I work a little in Footwear Development and if we had a tool like this our jobs would be a dream.
Colouring up a shoe in Photoshop/Illustrator is so much harder.
I'd say this will be my bored at work tool for the week

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

yeah its too dope!
i spent like an hour not doing any work just playing on there lol...
ill show you what ive done ill get around to it and put it up on my blog..wish i could add imgs to comments here blah..
but yeah i would imagine it would be a dream for peeps like you in that field...
but i suppose if it was that easy
then everybody would be making the damn things!!!!
its evident that would happen...
HELLO at the 9043059 of ppl on the site having "dunk battles" with their designs! haha...
2nd that @ bored at work tool for week