Monday, 25 August 2008

shit house

Anyone else having a real shit house start to this week. fuck this week, fuck everything about it. and everyone in it. Here is the list of shit i'm hating right now:
- feeling bloated and rank (and now i'm NOT pms-ing so shut it i just feel gross)
- my shit bed
- responsibility
- shit melb weather
- having to stand on the train
- my appearance
- this fuckin jennifer anniston movie thats on, man she sucks
- hamish and andy, can you get anyone as talentless and fucking un-funny, oh thats right...
- rove
- pretty much every mag except missbehave right now
- proofing
- dumb as fuck marketing people (thats not saying marketing ppl are dumb as fuck, that's saying i hate the ones that ARE dumb as fuck)
- my lack of self motivation
- my bed
- my shit suburb
- wearing jeans every fuckin day
- hearing about our aussie olympic heros
- agnes dean. cmon ppl i thought the kate moss dynasty was dead, i give props to kate but do we really need another blond, white english girl to be our definition of 'cool' less diversify a bit, SHIT.

Ok so i should of probably put this on the hate blog...just remembered that existed sorry to unleash the bitch but it's been a cunty week. In order to be balanced heres some things i love/like at the moment:

- my fish sandy
- my nails
- sleeping
- drinking coke
- the lasagne i made
- those pics of ryan gosling and rachel mcadams, cheesy but cute. it's like the note book is REALLLLL! haha
- the hope that obama might just get elected. this no doubt will be shattered.
- that shit show 'til death' with the big dude from everybody loves raymond on it. the young couple are lame on it but the cunty older one is rad, haha theyre such assholes.
- the fact that idol has started we don't have to see those fuckin promo ads EVER AGAINNNNNNNN. "CAN YOU FEELLLL ITTTT!"

Sorry for the negativity

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