Monday, 11 August 2008

BDAy on the come up

Hey hey this is me trying to eat my cake.
So i turn 24 on Friday. Crazy huh. I share my birthday with Napoleon and Ben Affleck, we're real alpha dogs oh yes.
Anyhoo I'm having a few drinks on Friday so swing by if you wanna. At Workshop 8.30pm, real casual but i've been all head in the (rain) clouds of work lately and haven't been able to hang much so hopefully this will be a good chance.
Now to the fun part, bday gift wish list! I don't expect anyone to get me this shit by the way, just a bit of fun yo: woot woot

Toki Doki x Hello Kitty pocket mirror, cutttteeeee

A solarium 10 visit voucher, I think i will buy myself this actually. and yes this is a photo of me i commissioned.

Gucci tortoise shell sunglasses, only $129 US peoples, this one i seriously want!

A big ol motherfucker sized bottle of my fav vanilla L'occitane perfume, this shit is awesome. I also want that fuel for life diesel fragrance. I love it's little crochet wrap, it's like the bottles wearing a little outfit haha. Plus it smells real good.

Hoops of any description (except silver or small ones ew) These kenneth jay lane ones are hawt and only 29US dolla.

My nails done...preferably like THIS. Loves it!!! It's just so ZANY! haha I seriously dig these tho.

Hello Kitty beach towel!! I already have some rad beach towels (i take tanny very seriously ok) including my prized OC towel but this one is pretty awesome! I love hawaii and hello kitty, plus even she has a tan goin in this, haha so good.

So yah that's it! Hope to see you all friday!!!

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peachypan said...

happy pre-BIRTHDAY!!