Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Throwback: The Henderson Kids

I'm pretty sure I cried in this closing scene. I was devastated (more than the Astroboy v Atlas 2 part episode - the first 'to be continued' I ever encountered). It was my favourite show in the whole entire world and I was in LOVE with 'Marty' aka Nathan Croft based solely on the fact that he wore a pork pie hat (unfortunately missing from this scene) and I had a poster of Alex Papps on the back of my door.

I wanted to be on the Henderson Kids so bad, just as an extra so I wrote myself into a script and sent it to Channel 10...Hahaha! 11 year old Hayley would have just died knowing that I would one day live in the suburb it was filmed in.

What a cast. That's Stefan Dennis there on the keyboards Marieke Hardy(I'm pretty sure she's my favourite writer), Kylie was in the first series...

Poor Brains, always getting chased by the Brown Street Boys

I think I need to go and buy the DVD. I a loser?


Anonymous said...

I was soooo in love with cowboy!!
Best eighties show.. that and 'secret valley'.. they all had ponies!!


corrie said...

I loved this show!!! didnt know you could get it on dvd! gonna have to check that!

love and light...