Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Throwback: Puberty Blues 1981

What a classic Aussie movie, I remember watching this for the first time at a slumber party way back when. If you haven't seen it, go and get it on DVD. Forget Degrassi, Heartbreak High, Kids and Kidulthood - it's all about Puberty Blues.

Apart from discovering the wonders of underage drinking, smoking, parties, popularity and what happens in the back of a panel van, learn useful phrases like, "Slack arsed moles!" and "Ohhhh I always get slops". Witness classic quotes such as:

"...and he's got a panel van"
"Oh god, do I look good?"

and one of my favourites

"Get us a Chicko roll and a coke will ya? And no bites on the way back!"



Anonymous said...

This is the movie that corrupted me.. I saw it when I was 8! Deadset!

Community College said...

Yeah I saw this real young and I was disturbed by how slutty they all were haha. I remember they wouldn't eat in front of dudes either coz that wasn't hot, haha looks like i didn't get that memo. And she was all slutty and then didn't get pregnant, that was a very un-degreassi ending. wait...sorry to those who haven't seen it.
Australia's golden era was definitely the 80's man.