Saturday, 30 August 2008

wanna get with me, with no money oh noooooooo...

Okay so I’m totally fucking my no smoking and blogging rule. Ooh lordy but I just feel like sharing you now. My god Mayorettes, I have had magnificent and prosperous times tonight, something crazy awesome happened (not life achievement wise but just good wise) tonight but I can not tell you about it until the storm blows over but we’ll see but other than that just stressing bout ad sales boring finance and the like.

In other news my princess of the posse crop tee arrived the other day SO cute but need to do a little shapin/tannin up. With high waisted style shorts it's pretty forgiving and really comfy, hello festival gear. Shout outs to Kelly B for hookin me up. Love my State-side ladies who are all eager as hell to help with shoots and have magnificent product, same will Cubannie Links...and Hellz Bellz, they were all awesome. Want to organise a trip to the states next year. realllly keen for a US holiday, been there only twice before and fuck I had the best time. Maybe wouldn't wanna live there but maybe not who knows. But economic climate bit scary currently, so glad for our industrial and business ties to the sleeping giant that is china right now.

Anyway hang on, what the fuck was I talkin bout, my top right. Yeah I wanted to post the vid that I am trying to channel to rock my crop top but fuckin BMG had embedding disabled the cock smokers. You can see it here tho. It's worth looking at serious, so preteen hotness, so teenyybopper rnb goodness right now. No surprise I love this song, think I’ve posted something bout it before. Chantal stand up! But this comes a good second to the kinda midriff action you need to try and channel to rock it with confidence. Fuck TLC rock my world. I’m waiting for the next girl rnb group to come close and no Destinys Child didn't come close.

so fuckin hot
gotta go to bed too high x

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Hayley said...

Ahhhh no scrubs! Haven't heard that for ages. x