Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Warning: Arab Parrot

This year I dared Sanch to go to Rock the Bells again, because quite frankly that lineup is pretty much everything good about hip hop in the world except Biggie. And we all know that's not going to happen. Unfortunately financially it was not happening and the Snow trip put a definate hole in the US plans but there were some moments on the phone to travel agents, trying to work out how much I could get a weekend in New York for. Yes I am insane.

Unfortunately I check the Arab Parrot reasonably daily. Not only did he catch the LA show for free, he was running around backstage with the majority of my favourite artists in the world. Case in Point - the delicious looking Method Man. Check it out but try not to cry like I almost did.


Anonymous said...

blaah, fix yr second link... :)

Community College said...

they got one in Japan too, hello jetstar! That would be my best bet. And a hip hop fest with japanese heads would be a trip i reckon.