Thursday, 14 August 2008

Damn rhi rhi!

Okay so to be honest, I don't really like rhianna or is it rhiannon, meh. Well not her music anyway. If i hear Umbrella one more time i'll stick an umbrella up someones twat BUT the girl is fucking gorgeous. Like woah! And has this swagger about her that I really appreciate.

I never got the whole not non matchin tog thing, well i GOT it but it never looked good on noone. Noone til rhi rhi. Shit man she looks good. And her body is so good. Its no news that I'm hating winter and fanging the start of Summer. I have already started my situps. 60 a day for the last 3 days. I got a long way to go as i used to do 350 a day in high school. I was like Usher man. By the way does anyone sorta love that Make love in this Club song? Coz i do, that bass line is hot! haha. But yeah where was I, oh yeah working out. So yeah once i get my solarium voucher (which paul won't buy for me unless i go get my moles checked haha, whatevs i'll buy it myself) i'm on my way. Just as well as Kelly from Princess of the Posse is sending me this dope tee!

I'm pretty excited about the prospect of midriffs, but i got a lot of work to do til then. Maybe I could paint on a six pack. Maybe make a stencil. But yeah peep POP at coz they are rad. Their lil Kim tee is gonna be on the cover of the next ACCLAIM yo! On our hot ass Estevan Oriol shoot which I'm fuckin dying to show SOMEONE! but can't til it's on shelves. Can't wait til it's out. By the way! Anyone wanna buy an ad? haha
one sleep til my bday! I already opened my cards from ma n pa. Yay cheques! My parents know me well. <3

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