Thursday, 21 August 2008

Look at my stuff!

Hey all.
I got myself a bunch of stuff on the weekend. I'm sorry but I love stuff. Doesn't even need to be good stuff I just love stuff. I don't think it's materialism if said stuff is cheap or stickers and shit, but I got a whole lot of different stuff cheap and otherwise this weekend, lets have a look shall we....and i'm gonna make these pics big coz bigger is better yo..

My friend katie made me these haute leopard and gold hoops. Love them! my friends r so clever.

I bought myself these cute china town shoes, can't wait for summer, only 20 dolla too. go checks! and orange is my fav colour at the mo.

I got this fred perry polo for 30 dolla at this crazy bargain basement sale at Prime also. got another tee there too but i'm wearin it so no pics

Okay this one is really exciting, how hot is this dress!!! I love icecreams so i died when i saw this in Shag (love that place) but it was too expensive but then i tried it on anyway then I loved it more, then i when it's my birthday bitch put it on credit! Cannot wait to wear this, it's such a fun little outfit and all baggy up top and tight on the ass, nice. haha

Got these control shorts from a recent shoot (see them in issue 14!) they are so hot, i can't wait for summer.

And recently got these cute little babies from my hookup at toki doki. Do you like my poodle too? haha He's from an opshop back in bris. I collect poodles by the way so if you ever find me one, buy it (only kitsch old ones though not tacky new school ones)

Got more shit but it takes too long to upload shit so i'll do it another time. Hope you enjoyed my show and tell!

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Hayley said...

Awwwwww I haven't had new stuff in aaaages. Jealous x (dog doesn't count, I can't wear it)