Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Claw $

I love the Claw. She is who she is and makes no excuses about it, a paritcularly admirable quality in worlds like graffiti and fashion where everyone is always trying desperately to impress everyone else.

A true testament to that is her own Clothing Line and her collaborations with Nike on the Vandals and Blazers. Arguably not the safest and most commercially sound pairs of shoes on the market but totally true to the Claw aesthetic, making no excuses for what she likes. I am pretty stoked to own a pair myself.

If you don't know who she is Infamy is a great place to start, or she also has her own Book available from her site.

She has just done an accessories line with Boost Mobile in the states, whilst that sounds weird to us they actually sponsor a bunch of Graff, Xtreme Sports and Music related stuff in the US. The AWR/MSK exhibition that Sanch and I were lucky enough to catch in NYC was sponsored by them.

They look like a pretty damn good alternative to a Caribee backpack. Whilst lurking I also noticed she has put up a bunch of new Tees, Hoods and Tanks, below are some of my favourites.

As well as a few things I still wish I had the cash for to pick up!

And these babies I will always want but probably not be able to afford with my simultaneous Chanel addiction.

Either way check her stuff out, its fun, exciting and often much more affordable than your average 'streetwear' rip off brand.

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