Friday, 22 August 2008


You know it's lame, but I can't help being fascinated by the NKOTB comeback. I can just hear the photographer say:

Ok, Ok, you're serious artists right, 3........2.......1......pose!

Ooooooooooh look at all those cords!

Ok boys, now we'll go outside. You're carefree, funloving guys. I want to see your 'I love to party' face. 3.....2......1

Anyone else excited to hear tracks like "Sexify my love"? Hahahahahahaa.


Community College said...

oh my god! They better not be launcnhing a gay cover soul album like it seems every washed up australian act does (i work in the mushroom records building where that shit is rife). Are they outside guatanemo bay in that last pic??

Hayley said...

Maybe they use them as tourture.