Thursday, 14 August 2008

Me vs Tuna

After a week of being good and adhering to my Detox routine I decided that more Fish needs to make its way into my stomach during the week. After a bomb Spiced Rockling with Lentil Dahl dinner, that even the Boy ate and enjoyed, I thought I should try and branch out into various Fish types in the quest for Omega 3.

I've never been great with Seafood - I can't bring myself to do Mussels, hate the texture of Prawns, not going near Pippies and Crabs taste like Saltwater. However thanks to Japanese cuisine I've been getting into Raw Fish, Scallops and many different kinds of Cooked Whites. I still say no to Salmon but with Grandparents conveniently located in Port Douglas I have had more than my fair share of amazing reef fishes - Red Emporer, Coral Trout, Spotted Cod and massive Spanish Mackeral - all eaten within hours of being caught (by my Grandma, she fishes like Rex).

So Sunday at the Markets I bought some Sashimi Quality Tuna Steaks, that looked amazingly amazing. Found a recipe in the trusty Marie Claire Recipe Books that doused them in Chilli, Lemon, Parsley and all things good in life and had them seared by the lovely Jmery.

They were delicious but this morning is a different story. Nausea has come to stay and everytime I even try to say the word Tuna I dry reach (or is it retch?). Whichever way it is I think I have proven to myself I cannot ingest much more than a few Sushi's of uncooked fish, or I want to vommit for the remainder of the next day. This happened last time I went to Nobu, raw culinary delights followed by desire to huck my stomach up.

Anyway Me vs Tuna - Tuna wins. I'm back to my trusty Rockling and Lentils.

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Hayley said...

I'm exactly the same. I can mawl salmon like a bear, then I hit a magical peak where if I even try one more bite, I would vomit.

There's gotta be some kind of scientific term for this that we can say we have.