Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Made Me

Erin Magee, formerly Production Manager of Supreme, launched her own collection Made Me round about a year ago with her Fall 2007 collection.

Her Summer 2008 collection was full of action - Amazing Denim Shorts and Jackets and some off their head leggings not to be missed. The collection is still up on Made Me if your interested in a peek but its all Sold Out.

And her Fall 2008 (above and below) is looking damn good.

Peep the clip for a little more insight.

1 comment:

mafia said...

Erin sent me those black and white leggings for sloane cos there was nothing in the collection that fit me. Hence im all up on my Jenny Craig steez right now...see you in 5 years when im as skinny as you two bitches! xxx