Thursday, 14 August 2008

So like, which cake should I get?

It's between this one:

or this one....


I Miss Cigarettes... said...


Miss Kitty on the end of the tip!
Ah its too early for me to be looking at these types of things
What r you girls doing to me??
Im going to REDTUBE now damit
Cause basically im looking at pussy and cock
But no seriously...even tho i luvv
me some brown penis on a cake
i really heart miss kitty...
That little bitches cake is cute as
shit - looks 2 yummy 2
mmhm :D

peachypan said...

ohhh I was at work writing out invoices and I kept having to write 15.08.08 and every time I was like "ohhh alex's birthday"

so even this is a day late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I was thinking about you!