Sunday, 24 August 2008

Friday nite

yo yo, just realised when i made this post that Mayoress has officially had 500 POSTS!!! yay us! Please send gifts.
Anyway, just thought i would report on the weekend. havent done much, I like going out fridays and then having the whole weekend free these days. This Friday Heist had some b-boy shit going down. Granted, breaking is pretty cheezy at times but it still was a actually really fun night and a good turn out. Free piss does that, here's the breakdown....(get it BREAK down)


Alex + free beer = :)

Shit is tasty!

Converse = FAIL!

Then when the booze ran out it was off to Beci Orpin's exhibition at Outre....

Raph and beci's kid tyke was running round like a crazy bastard! Actually met these guys when I went to their house for a story in the next ACCLAIM. Raph's the man behind BKTM for those that don't know. Great house and nice people and great burgers.

I was so bent when i got there that i didn't realise how packed it was til i saw this photo damn!

Place was PACKED with these kinda people though. Haha that's mean, some of you probably know these people, they're not bad they're just....frankie style peeps. Actually the show was sponsored by frankie and the work was really good but Anyone that knows me knows frankie is like the antithesis of all that is Community College, but my views in no way reflect the other mayorettes! They've given HM love in the past so i'll give them props for that.....hey man bakings when weed's involved.

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