Saturday, 9 August 2008

MAC x Hello Kitty

Buzz on the street, well with makeup editors at least, is that MAC is to do a collaboration early next year with Hello Kitty! That might actually be a MAC collabo I'd buy into. I don't know why but I've never bought anything MAC in my life. I think maybe the counters are intimidating or something plus i buy all my shit from Priceline yo, i'm not a high end kinda girl AT ALL when it comes to makeup, not sure why. Maybe I don't like bright colours also, like their Fafi and Heatherette ranges were pretty feral colours, can't they just make a bronzer or like red lipstick instead of all this frosty shit.

Anyway while procrastinating, I do this alot of late I found THE best site for losers like me ahem, it's so rad and so doesn't care how totally nerd out it is, love it man! This girl is COMMITTED that runs it, my god. I'm gonna visit it like every day.

Also found this awesome guide on another site on how to make your own Hello Kitty bong!! I hate bongs but this is still pretty awesome, haha. Kinda like that bootleg Hello Kitty vibrator Sanrio banned, once again not my thing really but if it was I'd be getting on that shit. It's kinda pedophiley though isn't it? Gross....

Seeing The Dark Knight finally this arvo, if it's shit i'm killing every mother fucker that keeps telling me it's awesome and Heath's "AMAZINGGGG" I will be watching with a critical eye (except on Bale, oooh nelly no)


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Hayley said...

Mac ain't all bad. I use the foundation and some eye stuff (Nars kills it for eyeshadow though). Not that I wear all that much makeup hey. I'm far too lazy.

The stores BITE! They play shit music and the guy that's trying to sell you a foundation isn't all that convincing, even if he is wearing pink mascara.

Last time I was in there on my lunch break, my phone rang, I answered and the girl behind the counter (also on the phone) yelled out "WHO THE FUCK IS ON THIER PHONE???? IT'S INTERFERING!"