Thursday, 28 August 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I've been meaning to post about this for a while but I have literally been too engrossed with the storyline to get around to it. I love The Hills. I used to watch Laguna Beach when I visited my Dad's Foxtel loaded pad, which led me to some curiousity about The Hills, the story of Lauren Conrad leaving the Laguna Nest and making her life in LA.

iTunes does TV Shows now and must have some special arrangement with MTV to upload the new episodes playing on Foxtel after their Screening on Monday nights. So I am right up to date, and as I have a Video iPod and an hour or so of Public Transporting a day it is the best way to pass the travel time I have ever had. Basically little LC drives her (Parent Bought) BMW 3 Series down to LA, sets up shop in a (parent paid for) West Hollywood apartment and attends one of LA's premier Fashion Schools FIDM, whilst interning at Teen Vogue. As much as I am on Team Lauren she is still a bit of a spoilt brat that buys her (shit junky lockup rehab) boyfriend Jason a bag of Callaway Golf Clubs (think in the thousands) for his birthday when they have been together a minute and he is a controlling jealous asshole. He buys her Chanel for Christmas, they are all too cashed up for their own good.

Along the way they pick up Audrina, who lives in their Apartment block and Whitney who works at Teen Vogue. These are the only two with a semblance of Normality about them.

OK so it's not exactly SBS material but sometimes one needs to think their (low) opinion of innoculous, vapid people matters, and nothing gets me going more than Heidi Montag, the eternal moron slut. She is a front runner for the dumbest bitch in the world. She said she woke up after her Rhinoplasty and Boob job and said it was like Christmas. To paraphrase her 'ew'.

And to make matters funnier/worse, she has just released her debut single 'Overdosin' and launched her new website where she can parade her little vapid plastic ass around. She looks like a train wreck, case in point;

Anyway if you haven't watched the show you are not going to know what I am talking about, but I implore you to go to your Video store and start from Season 1. It's like the real life Melrose and we can't all be smart and cool all the time. Alternatively maybe we need a Hills Night for the Mayoress Crew, so you can all feel my pain bitches. Expressions of Interest welcomed.


Miglet said...

Does that Whitney bird have THE longest legs in the entire world, or is it just me...?

Community College said...

i've always wanted to watch the hills and i too HATE heidi montag, how funny are her staged out and about shots with her boyfriend, they are so fuckin classic haha. she is such a dumb bitch and her boobs are way too big for her body. ed hardy was made for these ppl. Laguna Beach kinda sucked tho. their lives were so boring, and their parties sucked. my life is more exciting than laguna beach. Teen Vogue also said lauren sucked and was a lazy intern who did nothing and they had to bring four diff outfits to the shoots so they could make it look like she was there a week when really she came in a half day and did shit all. it's all fake i tell you, but yeah i totalllllly wanna watch it! bring it on. is it free on itunes???

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

whitney does have the longest legs... shes so hot, i luvv whitney, all those other bitches can suck cock! hahaha

heidi is a fucken loser, loserrrrrrrrrrville and lauren yep just like cc said, she sucks too. audrina i can stand but blah, theyre all so beigeeeeeee zzzzzz. its only fun when theyre being hoes and hooking up with eachothers bfs and being backstabbing bitches. like i really care where they go for dinner and buy their clothes, zzzz! haha..

they should just put all the series onto DVD... i havent been watching the latest series because MTV is cut off our foxtel but, im hanging out to see it... its the best type of reality tv i tells ya... like a car crash waiting to happen in front of ya

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE reality show about a bunch of young models working/living together in MIAMI? it came out a couple of years ago... prob around when the last series of laguna beach was around, damn there was this hot euro/italian guy that was on there... that show was cool too