Sunday, 3 August 2008

New Mic Order #1

Hot damn! A night of UK hip hop, dancehall and grime. A room full of UK heads and a whole bunch of Mayorettes. Catch you at the next one. Watch this space for info.

And my favourite photo of the night... Dyl - touching the ladies.

More flicks here.

Oh...and I'm not staying out until 4am anymore. Woe is me.


Mr Bananas said...

wicked night! Bare good tunes...what a wobbly drunk walk home though, i must have been in a state 'cos i woke up this morning and all my clothes were strewn thru the living room, must have been a drunken dash for bed discarding clothes as i walked.

Hope you dont mind, but i nicked a photo for hatebook

Community College said...

aw looked like a fun nite man! boo i wasn't there. Ah well i'll be front and centre for the next one. Mo money, mo money...

Hayley said...

Too much fun!

Bananas - no worries take all the flicks you want + the flickr ones too.