Tuesday, 19 August 2008

On Sale

It's clearance time in the US with Net A Porter and Bluefly having some of the biggests Sales on the Net.

The advantage to us is that the US is clearing Spring/Summer 2008, which is starting to filter into our stores at Full Price. I know this because I have been trying on all the nice pretty shiny new Marc Jacobs, Chloe and Ferragamo shoes at David Jones and then finding them for half the price on the Net. Sorry DJ's but the Woman who runs your Ferragamo department is a total haggard old bitch.

In my travels my Mayorettes are never far from my mind, I was thinking some Guiseppe Zanotti Pony Hair Platform Boots or Versace Pumps for Alex.

To go with her Alexander McQueen Funnel Neck Trench.

A Navy Marc Jacobs Trench and some Zanotti Flat Suede Boots por Moi.

And some nice little Summer dresses to wander around Port Douglas in.

And for Miss Mei, a nice little YSL Tote to match her cute little Hera Summer dress.

Not sure how much of it we will all be able to afford but what I think I am starting to realise is I need a job that either supports these habits with a crazy income or access to all these labels at the lowest cost. I need a job in Paris.


Hayley said...

I would totally wear that dress and carry my little tote around with pride. Ahhhhhh summer PLEASE LET IT BE SOON!

Sorry Sopho, by the time we'll be wearing these dresses, you'll be sporting your hoody...or maybe you should come and visit and wear dresses with us?

In other news, Chester has to wear a coat when it's cold. I'm totally against dogs wearing clothes (bandanas is about as far as you can go) but for the health and warmth of my puppy an at the request of the breeder, chester just might be seen aroud town in.....a (stylish) doggy jacket.

Community College said...

Ooh i love those versace pumps!!! They would look cute with the trench too, very "lipstick jungle" haha. What happend to that show anyway i was sorta secretly enjoying that shit. They would also match paul's tiffany dunks. haha kinda lame but awesome at the same time to match ur heels with ur boys kicks haha.

Anonymous said...

? I wouldn't be going to PD if I lived/worked in Paris... ;) try Antibes...

Soph said...

Antibes would be nice but getting return Flights to Cairns for $180 is also nice. So is free Beachside accomodation in Port Douglas, lots of Sailing, Fishing, Swimming, Eating and Drinking. I'm not quite in Paris yet.

Hayley said...

....So I was wandering what the hell Antibes was (sorry, I once chased winter so I only know all of the cold places to go). Oh my goodness, I think I need to go on a holiday there. Apparently they're in for a heatwave this year. I would do anything to feel some kind of heat right now.

I want to go to Port Douglas and sit under the mango tree...and Hawaii...Thailand...Fiji...Jamaica....you know, anywhere islandy resorty.