Wednesday, 6 August 2008


It was kind of scary to realise that is was this time last year that Sanch and I were in NYC. We reminissed by eating the Hottest soup I could come up with, a la the Hot Sauce incident at 3am outside a Downtown Gas Station. We sweated and had difficulty breathing at times, my lips were Chilli burnt but it was well worth it.

We found out New Young Pony Club weren't actually on until 10.30 so we lurked on the couch and watched Drumline, possibly the worst movie of all time but worth a look for the cheese. Eventually we headed down to the Prince, sober as judges, to watch the show.

And the show was damn good, showcasing all the tracks from Fantastic Playroom and even throwing in a few remixes, its always weird to hear bands you love live but they really made it work. Their album sounds quite polished but to hear it live with a four piece band, really building up the melodies was quite gritty.

Tahita Bulmer is my New Young Pony Hero, her voice is so amazing as is her energy. She reminded me of a cross between Blondie and Ziggy Stardust, on Acid. Joy!

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