Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Not For Alex

Free Pies here. Cheers to Sanchez for the heads up (and waists out).

I don't actually eat Pies, I think they're Suss (go figure I ate Roasted Bone Marrow, Quail & Blue Cheese/Mould on the Weekend) but I'm sure most of our Boyfriends do, by the multiple.

This leads me to Alex's previous post, I think every girl I know is feeling a bit like Bridget Jones at the moment. White Skin coupled with contstantly Covered Limbs, Comfort Food and lack of Sun is sucking away my motivation for life and the feeling that one could ever look remotely like Miranda Kerr.

So I'm joining a gym, yuk I know, but its time to be proactive. Want to come to Pilates CC? I'm sure Paul would be into the results. Other than that its all about Running, I hate it so much but if you want to drop it off and keep it off its the way to go. Maybe the Mayorettes could run around the Tan once a week?

Other than that the following Wonderfoods make you full, are super healthy and about -10 Weight Watchers Points a serve. I would like to pretend that Body Image issues don't affect me but I know the Weight Watchers Points Formula off by heart.

Eat Chickpeas, Lentils, Coucous, Polenta, Rye/Multigrain Bread, Low Carb Beer, Wine or Straight Spirits, Bitter Dark Chocolate, kick Soft Drinks and say goodbye to Salami, Cheese and Butter.

Anyway this is starting to sound tres Oprah but you just wait till Summer when we all look like Gwen Stefani (and if I get as hot as the above picture I am wearing Leather Pants with my G-String showing too).


Anonymous said... Sophie... you are so fat!!!! and MENTAL!!

Luv Jessie x x x

Hayley said...

Mmmm butter...cheese...daaaarrrrkk chocolate!

Do double dipped cherry ripes count? They include fruit and may contain nuts

Community College said...

Hmm i could go pilates, but i can't even touch my toes so i'm like really unflexible and shit but it seems to be what all the hollywood hotties do. running aint gonna happen, your asking for gang rapage in tottenham, which may make me lose weight as i will be so fucked up and suicidal afterwards, however I'm not THAT desperate. Yeah gwen stefani has got an amazing body :( where's pilates and how much? in the mean time it's situps and chick peas....does hummos count?
p.s i LOVE pies. lips and assholes are strangely delish