Monday, 11 August 2008

New Expensive Cowhides

Marc Jacobs is doing the Hangbag trade proud. Not only his work at Louis Vuitton but his mounting collection of 'It' bags that fire out each season. The Stam was a classic, as was my personal choice the Irina, which I am glad was largely slept on as it meant I am one of few people to actually have it and I was able to buy it post US Season for a very tidy price.

But make way for the Lera, definately my pick for the upcoming US Fall ranges but slightly out of my reach at a cool £902.13 ($1950 AUD). Especially after visiting the Louis Vuitton Melbourne boutique on the weekend and picking up this little number.

In my opinion if you are going to spend up on a nice bag may as well make it as functional, classic and trans-seasonal as possible, LV Damier Canvas is pretty much the embodiment of such things. Buying trend handbags is for the seriously rich, I know this as I tried on a few Chanel bags around the $4300 mark and I think I could have only worn them with one or two outfits. They were pretty amazing though.

Also on my wanderings down Collins on Saturday I stumbled into Ferragamo to check out the Varina's that I fell so quickly in and out of love with. Love as they are beautiful, out of love as they are $595 a pair. Note to all - the staff there suck, as do the bitches at Miss Louise.

On the contrary the gentleman that served me at Louis Vuitton was truly amazing - even fishing out a $5000+ Richard Prince x LV bag for me to 'play with', draping me in scarves and Sunglasses that I fancied and suggesting finding them cheaper on the Internet. He was completely helpful, not at all judgemental and knew what he was talking about. As opposed to being painfully thin, bitchy, orange and dumb, which I don't think you can be when you are trying to sell million dollar bags.

Also outstanding in the service department were the fine folks at Chanel - namely for the $4300 Bag they let me play with, similarly with the pearls and costume jewellery worth much more than my monthly payslip. Very similar experiences at Gucci and Bally where the staff were very polite, approachable and beyond helpful. Bally left me particularly high from their amazing collection of beautiful shoes and leather jackets. Unfortunately Gucci Australia are not getting the funtimes Rainboots released as part of the International collection but maybe thats for the best, I think they are rad but no one else seems to share my vision.

But even more fun is the bargain Pucci scarf I recently collected on eBay from an amazing reseller in New York, can't wait to start rocking this when the weather warms up.

Then my MOB x Colette Reeboks also arrived in the mail, so I am set for new stuff at the moment.

Anyway I talk and digress about shit that probably only I am interested in. In summary - if you work in high end retail be nice to everyone, because you never know how much people have to spend and pissing them off loses sales and you need sales because you are in retail and you probably get paid and retained based on them.

Secondly I'm starting a Lera fund, hopefully they will still be available when I have saved the $2K necessary to buy one. Keep your eyes on my hands

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