Thursday, 21 August 2008

Taste Time

I can't begin to express to anyone how much I love food. Not so much that I 'love' a tomato but the respect I have for someone that spends twelve months of their life caring for one wheel of cheese or caring for one batch of grapes that will go on to make a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Most people see a lot of the processes involved as stupid, pretentious, unnecessary and the list goes on, but I can't help but admire the integrity and care going into the product and the history of the producer and all the intricacies that most people find boring or ridiculous when I am eating. Which is why I am so desperate to live in France for a few years, explore all the regions and their specialties and not get fat - French Women don't get fat, there is a whole book about it.

It comes down to the Passion and Hardwork people put into something, I will pretty much respect anyone that invests that kind of discipline into any aspect of their lives, but Food is where I choose to really appreciate it.

So I am super excited about attending the Taste of Melbourne festival on Sunday, starting Today at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton, with participation from Melbourne's top restaurants - Nobu Melbourne • Circa, the Prince • Grossi Florentino • Longrain • Jacques Reymond • The Botanical • The Court House • The Press Club • The Stokehouse • Fifteen • Verge • Interlude • Three, One, Two - to name a few.

Some highlights from the Menu include The Botanical Wagyu Beef Burger, Nobu - their signature Black Cod (if you go and haven't eaten this make sure you do) and a Souvlaki from the Press Club.

On top of this there are several Wineries and Brewries getting involved, so there will be plenty of Red to lower the ingested cholesterol. If its something like the Taste of Tasmania, which I had the priveledge to attend as a young child, there is a stupid amount of amazing cheese and locally cultivated Meat products such as Mortadella, Proscuito, Pancetta, Salami and with any luck lots of Foie Gras.

For anyone interesting there are a few of us checking out the Sunday Session around 1pm. Let me know if you are keen.

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