Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Chicken nugget has bird flu

Don't be alarmed your KFC is fine. Chicken nugget is the pet name my boyfriend gives me (i know, wack) and I think this nugget is getting a fucking cold...goddamnit!
Damn you Katie bringing your Queensland virus into my house! haha. Never no I could be paranoid but I feel purrrittty shit house right now. Sore throat, head ache, booo. I just want to lie on the couch with a blanket and chicken soup not try and sell ads. The boys can sell em, fuck it, i'm done!


kt said...

well FINE last time i spend my hard earned money visiting you!

and if you have a cold its not my fault, i only had a sore throat. and i will take this opportunity to remind you of the times i caught a cold off you after you caught one off paul who probably caught that from his brothers. waaaaahhhh

i hope you feel better soon though x

Community College said...

I knew you would get all cut! haha chill baby chill.

kt said...

i think i was tired and migrainey that night, actually i KNOW i was, sleepin on couches for life is not condusive to anything good!

i am happy now that i see you posted the earrings i gave you.