Tuesday, 26 August 2008

muppet dog!

I don't get clucky, like at all. Babies are gross and shit themselves and are heaps of work and you get in trouble if you leave them at home and you can't take them out drinking, HOWEVER dogs make me lose my shit.
I love dogs (cats can go smoke a choad. They're like cute littel dudes that love you heaps and are GENUINELY crazy excited to see you all the time and sleep in cute little beds and have big cute eyes.
I want a dog SO bad. But i'm out all the time, and live in a stupid apartment with no yard and pauls all anti getting a dog so this dream is not likely to happen any time soon alas, which sucks as i'd be a rad dog owner. I'm a very good fish owner for starters.
Now and then i look on the rspca at the dogs up for grabs. Mostly big stupid kelpie dogs *yawn* but randomly there's some cracked out little funny dog i really wanna adopt....like this guy!:

I love him. He looks like a goddamn muppet. His ears don't match his face and he has a funny look on his face like a hand puppet. Plus he doesn't even have a name :(
Theres no way i can have a dog here but hopefully i'll move to a proper house one day and can get myself a muppet dog.


Hayley said...

Heheheheheheee! Look at those ears!

We'll have a BBQ soon and you can come and play with Chester. We'll put Paul out the front.

Community College said...

yeah you should totally have a bbq soon!! before he gets all big and shit. And we can celebrate Spring....or something. I'll make dip in a bread roll.

Blind Kid Seeks said...

HAHAH.... "Babies are Gross and they Shit themselves" thats the best thing i've heard in ages... Thanks....