Wednesday, 23 July 2008

"You've got to see the bay-bee!"

This is Chester. He'll be coming to live with me in 2 and a half weeks.


I Miss Cigarettes... said...

OMG hes gorgeous!!!
Hey yall!! I hope you dont mind if i add you to my blogroll seeing that im over there on yours >>>
how cool..and i thought i was the only person who looked at my blog lol!!! Anyway, loving your blog space its great!!!

bronzebrew said...

OMG he is so piggen cute! I want, i want!

Hayley said...

How cute is he!?

IMC - No worries, glad you like it. We've been stalking your blog for a little while now. Love it! x

miss c said...

He is so adorable!! I just want to squeeze him!!