Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Hey y'all.
I've been in love with Ladyhawke for awhile now. Okay so she's kinda "trendy" and shit but she is actually dope.

The only music i like as much as hip-hop (and pop...and rnb okay this statement is becoming less powerful) is classic rock or rather soft rock. I actually have seriously considered buying that time life cd set with air supply sippin lemonade with that bitch on the ad. But yeah Ladyhawke is soft rock brilliance. Full Phil Collin-sy 80's throw back goodness AND she's touring AND will be in Melbourne ON MY BIRTHDAY! Can people PLEASEEEEE come with me. It's a modular gig I know which means copious ammounts of 19 year old shit heads with glasses without lenses in them (all the more easier for me to poke your dumb fuckin eyes out my dear) but she really is dope and i reckon this will be awesome. She's touring with some other bands i'm not into tho like Van She and shit. maybe we could rock up really late?

Anyway if you're not convinced, here's a vid from one of her songs back of the van. It's fuckin awesome.

Anyone with me?......ANYONE?! PAUL AT LEAST?
Tickets go on sale Thursday.....I wanna go man!

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Katie said...

actually ON your bday?? how convenient! um, get me a tik? i'm visiting, remember. warm that couch up for me...