Wednesday, 2 July 2008

dresses and hello kitty, woot!

I have a secret. As much as I've been living in the same pair of jeans and my air max's all winter (it's SO cold and windy) back in sunny brisangeles I fuckin lived in dresses....well in Summer actually. Well no I lived in shorts but dresses were there heavily too (don't tell Acclaim!)
Well I've had enough of feeling like a boy day in day out. When it's not freezing like a bastard I'm gonna try and reintroduce them back into my repatoire (sp?!) But cause I work with boys and deal with boy shit day in and day out i can't dress like a little bitch (nor do I want to) so I've been trawling through all my fav street wear online stores to see whats on offer and I gotta say, there's some really cute streety dresses out there man. Heaps! I can hardly wait to get my pasty-ass legs out of hiding.

My fav is this number. And ahem...okay I know my girl-crush is wearing it so I may be blinded, but how freakin cute is it! It's Toki-Doki for Hello Kitty (!!!). Toki Doki for those who don't know is this brand by an Italian dude that's all real cute japanese inspired characters, it's pretty tacky but I kinda really like it, it lets me indulge my 13yr old self. And Hello Kitty, well shes a no-brainer, I fuckin love that forever. Plus I think the colours and stuff are just really cute and they're the classic hello kitty colourway! CUTE!

But as fate would have it....they're out of size small like a day after release! whatt!!! karmaloop you need to work on that shit! So pissed! I guess it's good in a way as I'm broke but still, does anyone want to even see this shit is extra large? No offence but really.

Ah well i'll keep searching! I'm thinking of getting me some Hellz Bellz denim shorts. Maybe I'll just stick to shorts. I can sit spread legged that way. Hey man, that's important!

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