Friday, 4 July 2008

Steady Blogging

Those that have been fortunate enough to speak to me today know just how hungover I am. Good thing is that the other 20 odd people that helped chew through a few thousand dollars worth of drinks last night are also totally fucked, so no one is doing any work which is awesome. We ordered Pizza for lunch, dope.

Anyway so not working whilst pretending to the rest of the (unnamed) organisation I work for that I am working leads me to Bluefly and eBay. The earlier being one of the best, comprehensive and reliable Designer Goods wholesalers available. Quick DHL Shipping and up to 70% off retail its the secret that I didn't want to share with anyone but am too fucked to restrain myself.

eBay brought me this Amazing piece of Cow that I want immediately, I really am Chanel obsessed of late and I need to give my Amex back to Jmery, so I don't end up being Chanel obsessed in jail. Tax return time soon, maybe I can buy myself a little present.

Since buying a beautiful (Chanel like) Bettina Liano Cream and Navy dress at the Sales last weekend I have become Navy obsessed. I found an amazing pair of Navy Suede Flat Boots from Nine West of all places, half price, and the Blue Satin polish, also on sale at good old David Jones. Now I need a bag, a Chanel one would be nice, this little vintage number would do the trick.

Does being obsessed with Leathergoods mean you are vapid?

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