Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Gurk Me

Gurkas Brasserie, I have always walked past this place and wondered. Even after working almost opposite it for six months I never gave it a chance. Forgive me, but when you have Hooked, Chapel Noodle, Lucky Coq, Spudbar, Grill'd and N-Tran available for lunch you are reasonably spoilt for choice.

Tonight I ventured in and it was amazingly delicious. We sat on the floor, tried the Mo Mo dumplings and had some amazing Chicken Marsala and Spinach & Potato Curry. The Papadums were delicious as was the dipping sauce and it was all for under $50, $18 of that went to a bottle of wine.

Highly recommend you check one out, there seems to be one everywhere. Details here

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