Wednesday, 2 July 2008

This just in

I hate Kayne. I'm not doubting his production skills but his raps are truly terrible. Ruining American Boy with rhyming 'seats' with 'seats' is low.

Unfortunately LV don't agree and are collaborating on a line of shoes. I love Marc Jacobs but at time I don't get his incorporation of idiots from Popular Culture. Not for a Brand with so much fine French Heritage.

In other Fashion news that makes me cringe, BBC Icecream have released their lookbook and whilst I think Pharrell is a pretty sexy guy, I don't get their clothes and their prices are arrogant.

But luckily we are getting quality produce from Sneaker Freaker and Provider in the form of these dope Winter Accessories in the spirit of the Puma Blaze of Glory launch.

They also have these delectable little Alife numbers in store as well as a bunch of all the best available in Australia. Yay for living in Melbourne.

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Hayley said...

Don't they know that men in bow ties are suspicious weirdo's?