Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Throwback: =FB=

I grew up in the 80's and partied in the 90's and you already know that I was an NKOTB fanatic, I was completely embarrassed about it for ages, but now it's been long enough and I can have a laugh now (but also cry because NKOTB merch ain't worth shit on ebay).

Pre internet, I had a bunch of like minded pen pals who used to send me these friendship books which I just came across the other day (It was way cooler to call them FBee's or =FB=). The first time I was sent one, I was like, What the f?, they were full of all these abbreviations, smileys and shit. Turns out, you just wrote your deets down along with other stuff like your favourite New Kid or song lyrics and decoration was a must. I used to tag mine with pink posca, I thought I was mad rebellious.

Anyway, when the book was full you were meant to send it back to the address on the front. But by the time I was old enough to write my age down as =6teen= I was too busy dating boys from one hit wonder bands and slipping in the side door of the ANU bar - The reason why half the teenagers in the world never got their books returned. Sorry. If these are yours, let me know.


Community College said...

Oh my god, these are rad! Haha.
Love it. I remember a friends sister had all these (but for ahem...Take That) and I never got what the fuck they were. Mad 90's stylz!

Man I wanna make a boyband mixtape once Paul teaches me how to do it, I'll even design a cover.

I'll also make a summer time tanning one (that will actually be good and listenable) Probably both will have to have "Where the Party at" by Jagged Edge on it though because that is my fav song at the moment. fo real.

chirryl said...

i just read this post entirely. I love you. You're like my new BF and shit :P

Hayley said...

CC - be sure there's some NKOTB on there for me hahaha.

Chirryl - BF 4 lyf. We can have a slumber party, listen to ballads, hug our pillows and cry. Teenage angst style. x