Monday, 14 July 2008

I never post sneakers...

but these are hot!

I'm starting to really like reeboks all over again. Especially the 2nd Voltron drop, cute or what! Get them at....well Espionage as the pics would suggest. Hate Sydney but this store is dope and they hold our ACCLAIM parties, word.
Reeboks were my shoe of choice when I was seven, I had a pair of cross-trainers in grade two and thought I was a total baller in PE class. Helped that my family were rich then (oh the glorious early 90's!) and I went to this crazy primary school where half the kids were from dodgy hippy famillies and trashy broken homes and snotty-nosed and bare foot.
I sound like a bitch right? Don't worry in a few years my parents got divorced, my father went bankrupt, my mum lost her home and we had to go out and live out in the burbs with the white trash I so despised all by the time I was in my second year of highshcool. Turns out white trash are actually okay, middle class fuck heads are fuck heads and public school dudes are way hotter than private school boys. So it all works out in the end....ahhhh. Wait what was I talking about?

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Hayley said...

I love Voltron (Voltron Force!). In year 4 we made a Voltron out of our desks in the middle of the room. The girls would fight over who would get to be the pink lion. There was no pink lion, but hey. We used to transform the desks in the middle of class, pulling the tables out at 45 degree angles and shuffling around in our little seats yelling, "Form head...and torso!!!". Our teacher was most impressed.

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